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     A touch of history

Prior to 1890, San Marco Avenue was known as Shell Road. Duff Green purchased 6 properties, 45 San Marco among them. It is known that Mr. Green was a raucous character and spent many years gambling in the back room of Le Pavillon with many prominent, local men,  Mr. Henry Flagler among them. 

In 1900 the property was sold to William Birdier, a bicycle dealer from France, and subsequently changed hands many times over the next few decades until it came to be the Siesta Inn Bed and Breakfast for 35 years. 

In 1977 the home was sold to Fritz Dold who along with his sister Gisele and brother in law  Claude Sinatsch transformed the old home into a restaurant.

As time goes by we have experienced many visitors from the past. Mr. Green and Mrs. Roe remain guarding over the upstairs dining area and often make their presence known through objects moving, lights flickering, and doors opening and closing.                


Hours Of Operations

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Located in historic downtown St. Augustine


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