Welcome to Le Pavillon.

Our History.

In 1890 San Marco Avenue was known as Shell Road and was purchased by Duff Green along with 6 other properties. Mr. Green was a raucous character and spent many nights gambling in the back room with many prominent men, Henry Flagler among them. The property then changed hands many times throughout the years until 1977 when the home was sold to Fritz Dold and became the Le Pavillon you know today.

Auspicious Beginnings.

In 1977 Fritz Dold moved to St. Augustine from New York and bought the property at 45 San Marco. He started a small creperie named Le Pavillon. Seeing a bright future, not only in Saint Augustine but also in Le Pavillon, Fritz convinced his sister Gisele and her husband Claude Sinatsch to come down and join him in the venture. Claude was a superb chef and was happy to leave New York and transform this property into the restaurant that it is today. Gisele was a prominent figure in the front of house and as a family they were much adored.

After their passing Roy Hinman and Alan Johnson decided that having been patrons of Le Pavillon for many years they wanted to see the legacy continue and preserve Le Pavillon as the restaurant so many had come to love.

All ingredients at Le Pavillon are made in house, from scratch, using locally sourced, fresh, sustainable ingredients.

Located in historic downtown St. Augustine